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CFIA Ease of Use Pre-Test for RS-1 Reusable Mask

Welcome CFIA personnel! As a Canadian startup, General Civilian is proud to have been selected by Innovative Solutions Canada (COVID-19 Testing Stream) for initial evaluation of our Made in Ontario RS-1 reusable mask system. We are excited to gain your feedback on the first iteration of the RS-1. With your help we can strengthen Canadian PPE production capacity for self-reliance through home-grown innovation.


The Pre-Test will assess the first iteration of the RS-1 reusable mask system with an improved version of the retainer, which allows you to load flat Filter and Fabric Squares. The CFIA Pre-Test runs parallel to separate independent lab testing of an adapted retainer and pleated filter system capable of achieving even greater filtration efficiency and delta pressure performance characteristics required for intended 95PFE certification under Interim Order of Health Canada. Lab testing of the second iteration of the product is sponsored by Health Canada and will be carried out by NRC labs in Ottawa. General Civilian is grateful to the Government of Canada for their strategic support for validation of innovative Canadian mask solutions.

The reusable, adaptable and durable RS-1 aims to achieve a reduction in single-use mask material waste while enhancing domestic PPE production capacity with a flexible and interchangeable system that is economical and easy to use.

The RS-1 mask is currently rated as a non-medical facial covering, conforming to Public Health guidelines when three layers are inserted and retained in the facepiece (accomplished with a single three-ply Filter Square made for General Civilian by OMedical Corp in Burlington, Ontario. An additional Fabric Square layer can be added for colour and variety). General Civilian intends to gain 95PFE certification of this combined assembly subject to the results of remaining tests and ultimate approval by Health Canada.

The results of both the CFIA Pre-Test and NRC lab tests will further enhance and improve design features and functionality of the RS-1, and help us to achieve full certification.

About the Pre-Test

12 CFIA sites across Canada will receive shipments of kits for participating personnel (n=200). Kits are shipped from Port Hope, Ontario, just over an hour East of Toronto.

For the purposes of the ease of use Pre-Test, these kits will include:

CFIA Pre-Test Kits: General Civilian RS-1
Note: Alcohol Sanitizer Spray X 2, 5-Packs of Filter Squares X 13.


Participants are asked to read the RS-1 Instruction and Use Manual before commencing the Pre-Test.

The following video provides an overview of how to use the RS-1 system.

In English:

For video transcript in English, click here.

In French:

For video transcript in French, click here.

Personnel will be asked to use the RS-1 and after a minimum of 5 business days of continuous use, to respond voluntarily to an internal survey that will be independently conducted by the CFIA itself.

Thank you again for your participation in this collective effort.


Please feel free to contact us by email: (Subject line: CFIA Pre-Test), or call 905-332-4434 Ext 101.  Mon-Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST.


This project is made possible by Innovative Solutions Canada (COVID-19 Testing Stream). General Civilian is grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with the CFIA, Health Canada, NRC, our engineering and design partners, and all who contributed to the development of the RS-1 system.

Note: Support for development the RS-1 as a 95PFE certified product in response to the pandemic does not necessarily represent an official product endorsement.

With the Support of:

The Government of Canada through Innovative Solutions Canada COVID-19 Testing Stream (sponsored by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency).


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