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Welcome to General Civilian™

General Civilian launch poster showing white field and balck tree

We have officially launched our new brand, our Shopify storefront, and our first product: the General Civilian™ Respirator Substrate-1 (RS-1). In short, we want to make the RS Series standard issue civilian gear.

 What makes the RS-1 different:

  • The RS-1 is a strong a durable, reusable non-medical grade facial covering

  • You can load any mask or filter material (your choice) based on PHAC/CDC recommendations. You can even extend your supply by cutting a surgical mask into 2.5" square filter inserts. Or use any tightly-woven fabric you have on hand! Check out our Instruction Manual

  • You can customize with your own stylish filter fabrics or even replace the straps with designer material if you like

  • The gasket and aperture system comfortably provides containment of slipstream (respiratory droplets)

  • It doesn't fog up glasses!

  • Looks pretty damn cool in matte black

  • The RS-1 is Made in Canada. 93% of the components of the RS-1 were manufactured in a 40km radius from our headquarters in Port Hope, Ontario, the last piece (the straps) came from California, USA. We are committed to reshoring and hyper-localizing production to the greatest extent possible.

Planning to travel? Commute? Return to an office or workplace? Do you want something more robust and dependable than just a cloth mask? Then the RS-1 is for you.

In a major World Health Organization study recently published in the Lancet (co-authored by McMaster University's Derek K Chu, MD), the chance of transmission of the novel coronavirus without a face mask was determined to be 17.4%, while that fell to 3.1% when a mask was worn (a reduction of more than 80%).


Si Vales, Bene Est. Ego Valeo.
(Latin: If you are healthy, all is well, and I'm healthy too.)

John Hayden, President
General Civilian