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Outfitting the People who Make the RS-1: In Living Colour

Outfitting the People who Make the RS-1: In Living Colour

We couldn’t have a better manufacturing partner than Custom Plastics International (CPI), one of Canada’s leading injection-molding specialists located in the Northam Industrial Park in Cobourg. When we started this project, we resolved to make sure that workers at the plant would be amongst the first to be outfitted with the RS-1 masks they had produced. Kelson Lachance and Lee Cattell at CPI suggested we also have some fun and do a custom colour run!

The RS-1 in an assortment of colours

Check out the crew in colours they chose: like purple, grey, white and more. We also had different colours of fabric squares to mix and match and change the look to suit different styles.

Our favourite is definitely the purple team:

CPI crew in their custom purple RS-1 masks

What do you think about our mask in different colours?

When we started up, for the sake of simplicity in pursuit of a truly Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we went with the simple universal matte black colour, not because everyone liked it but because it had the highest overall favourability rating (people who liked it really liked it). Other colours didn’t perform as well with our test market.

Now we’re looking at adding several new colours: what do you think they should be?

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Custom Plastics International employees outfitting with General Civilian RS-1 masks

Once again, we would like to thank the people at CPI who have been going full throttle over the entire course of the pandemic, producing not just the RS-1 but all kinds of other crucial equipment, supplies, medical devices and other gear for their many customers here and around the world.

In all, it is great to be a part of the #OntarioMade value chain. Thank you to all for helping bring General Civilian to the world!