General Civilian

New Listing Coming Soon

Image of General Civilian President John Hayden wearing RS-1 reusable mask

It's been awhile since we posted something new to the General Civilian website. We've been head down in the lab with our partners designing improvements to the RS Series.

Recently, we were awarded a major strategic contract with a bridgehead customer which we are currently working to fulfill. We will have additional news for you on this front very soon, including updates on the status of our concurrent 95PFE certification process.

To everyone who provided input, feedback, ideas and encouragement, you helped us understand where our new product fits in the world and helped strengthen this Ontario Made collaboration. We expect a new product listening in the coming weeks, including:

  • A new, improved biocompatible retainer
  • 100-packs of multi-coloured fabric squares
  • 5-packs of single-use filter squares
  • Sanitizing pump-spray bottles

All-in-one kits and a new low price point representing the best savings we can offer, everything you need to get started using the RS system: this represents our continued effort to strengthen collective protection in response to COVID-19, with your continued support.