General Civilian

Hyperlocal Manufacturing

Hunter and Alex in the V13 MakerLab where RS Series slides are produced on a desktop injection-molder

General Civilian™ is headquartered in Port Hope, Ontario, just over an hour East of Toronto on the lakeshore. We are committed to local production.

When we began the process of starting up in May, 2020, we faced continued supply chain uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. We were not interested in sourcing production overseas.

Now more than ever, we placed a premium on the importance of guaranteed and continuous supply of quality materials and components for our planned RS-Series roll-out. We wanted to build a business that was viable and leveraged the industrial capabilities of the advanced manufacturers right here in Northumberland/Clarington. Our efforts were guided by our Strategic Advisor, Brian Read (B.Eng, RMC, ICD.D, HCol. (ATESS) RCAF), with his vast experience in manufacturing, product development and innovation.

Our local partners truly came through for us, with Custom Plastics International (CPI) at the forefront, led by Lee Cattell, Kelson Lachance and their awesome team.

Everything we did to assemble this supply chain was accomplished essentially in one month (the month of May, 2020). We are now primed and ready to scale up!

What this shows is that when we come together to innovate, create sustainable production, and advance new economic opportunities in North America we strengthen our productive sector, create value and contribute to real job creation in our communities. Every sale of the RS Series helps us achieve this vision of home-grown agility and resilience and the renewal of our own manufacturing capacity. Physical products and technologies have huge economic multiplier effects.

For all of these reasons, thank you for supporting General Civilian™, the team at Custom Plastics International, and our hyperlocal value chain here in Northumberland/Clarington and Eastern Ontario.


Photo: Engineers Hunter Stubbs and Alex Papanicolaou wearing RS-1 units in the V13 MakerLab at the Venture13 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre in Cobourg.