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Benefits of the RS Series

Han wearing the RS-1 on the pier.

Think about returning to work, heading out on public transit or business travel, getting on a bus or an airplane, arriving at an industrial site, working at a shared office space, even visiting a vulnerable family member.

Sometimes surgical and cloth masks are an easy fix and do the job. Other times, they just don't cut it.

That's why we've introduced the RS Series; reusable substrates that hold any mask or filter material, civilian or medical grade. Read more:

The RS-1 offers you:

✓ Comfortable foam gasket (doesn't leave impressions) and retainer system contains slipstream (collective protection)
✓ More serious and durable option than flimsy surgical masks, long service life expected
✓ Over-the-head single elastic strap system (not over the ears)
✓ Easily hangs around the neck when not in active use (take on and off)
✓ Good projection (you can be heard when talking through the mask)
✓ Doesn't fog up glasses
✓ Unlike cloth masks, doesn't smear lip gloss/lipstick
✓ Adaptable (load any mask or filter material), even extend critical supplies or make more economical use of your surgical masks or filter material (less waste)
✓ Reusable substrate (clean with disinfecting wipes or spray with rubbing alcohol solution, dry and reuse). Follow User Manual
✓ Serious presentation (great for construction, engineering, technical, industrial and business settings)
✓ Made in Canada/Ontario Made (we believe in industrial renewal and the importance of revitalization of our manufacturing and production capacity).

Fabric square test packs available now. Medical-grade filter system coming soon!

Follow PHAC Guidelines (in USA, CDC or similar). Additional terms and conditions apply (see website). Currently shipping to Canada and the USA. Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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