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3D Mold Printing for RS-1 Parts Supply

3D Mold Printing for RS-1 Parts Supply

Part of the process of rapidly spinning up operations involved 3D printing the molds for desktop injection-molding of the slides used for our single elastic band system. The mold has a relatively long but limited life span, but we can create a lot of slides this way. Given supply chain disruption due to COVID-19, our hyperlocal supply chain means we can rely on access to components and parts for the RS-1.

3D molds used to produce slides for the RS-1
3D printed molds made on the Prusa SL1.

3D printed molds in aluminum frame.3D printed molds in aluminum frames, ready for desktop injection-molding with black HDPE resin.

Injection-molded parts using the 3D-printed mold.
And we're off to the races!
Slides released from the 3D-printed mold in aluminum frame.

Everything done on the desktop, at home. Made in Ontario.

Quite a lot of local (Northumberland-Clarington) manufacturing innovation and engineering capacity went into bringing the RS-1 to market. Special thanks to the Microfactory at Venture13 for your support.